Frequently Asked Questions

Joseph has decided to break his third-person facade to answer some questions in a more intimate fashion because everyone keeps telling him that the third person is impersonal and makes you sound distant. Whatever. I find it funny.

Anyway, here're some questions for Joseph.

What does MSPToons stand for?

Miscellaneous Stuff Productions.

Why MSPToons?

Back in middle school, I thought it'd be cool to have a production studio of sorts. Originally, it was Sticks and Comics Studios (SACS), but due to the immaturity of American middle schoolers, the name somehow ended up becoming Miscellaneous Stuff Productions. I don't exactly remember my thought process; all I know is it suited me then, and it still suits me now.

How do you create your work?

Usually, I sketch on paper, scan it, and then vectorize my lineart in Flash because I hate Illustrator with a fiery passion. The pen tool's boring and takes too long, and live Don't go there. Also, Flash's brush tool is awesome.

For flat colors and cel shading, I color in Flash; otherwise, Photoshop's the way to go.

Oh yeah, and everything's done with a mouse.

Why do you use a mouse?

Because tablets are expensive and my laptop is really old and hates tablet drivers.

You can't use a mouse to make art, stupid. Get a tablet.

That's not a question.

How are you able to create such awesome stuff with a mouse? I can't even make a stick figure with a tablet!

Uhh, I learned how to use a mouse.

How is your wrist not all sorts of messed up?

I told it not to be all messed up.